What is Outsourcing?

The industrial outsourcing is to outsource the work in specialized companies to carry out those activities that are complementary to the main one, which may be processes or complete projects.

It is certainly a key element in strengthening the competitive advantage of enterprises, to optimize the own resources and delegate to third parties those processes that bring little within the value chain.


Increase your efficiency and save on costs while leaving the recruitment and selection of electrical and mechanical staff for specific processes or complete projects.


What does Urpinsa?

Urpinsa provides electrical and mechanical staff appropriate to an project, just when the company requires increasing the labor efficiency and reducing fixed costs.

Bet on outsourcing in-house and we will take care of selecting the most appropriate professionals of our portfolio and their recruitment. The staff you need, at the time that you need, without incurring fixed costs of staff and taking to the specialized professionals for each job. 

Reducing fixed unit costs

Specialized personnel

Increasing the efficiency

Coordinating business activities

Time savings in personnel selection

Improve competitiveness


Why Urpinsa?

We are qualified professionals that we have been working for more than 20 years in the industrial sector, and therefore we understand and we know the needs of our clients when we apply for electrical or mechanical staff for a project.
We have a wide knowledge of the trades and the type of installation to work, which allows us to select staff properly. This know-how provides reliability to companies that request our services.
We act with speed and efficiency, and we answer for short-term or long-term projects, scheduled shutdowns, holiday substitutions etc.

Know-how of +20 years

Knowledge of professions

Optimal selection of staff

Rapid response

Track satisfaction

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