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More than 20 years of experience

Urpinsa comes from one of the managers of the Group Apelcon, being a professional specialized in electricity that, for more than two decades, has been dedicated to providing value to its customers in the outsourcing of staff for the industrial sector.

In Urpinsa we have a large team of professionals of different profiles that thanks to our experience we know to choose and grouping strategically to each job based on our knowledge of trades and the mounts.

This knowledge and experience are what allows us to offer an excellent service to large corporations and SMEs, and for shorter or long-term projects.

We select the electrical and mechanical professionals strategically for your project and we take care of their recruitment and management on the Work Hazard Prevention platforms, to save you time and fixed costs.

Our value

The Rigor

In Urpinsa we are rigorous in the assigning the most approppiate staff for each work requested, as in compliance with all applicable legal, administrative and occupational risk prevention, as the satisfaction of our customers and the integrity of our workers are our priority.

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